Monday, August 14, 2006


So, my two week vacation, boring as it may be, is going along pretty fast. I still haven't gotten down to taking the test for a driver's license. I'm crashing at a friend's place, who himself is in Manila...and his apartment mate, probably somewhere in Turkey. The point being, I have a two bedroom, fully furnished, (which for me means internet, cable and airconditioning) all to myself.

Read a Stephen King novel "The Long Walk" last couple of days, pretty disappointing at the ending...I like happy endings, detailed ones, this was just abrupt, sort of like a cliffhanger, leaving it all to the imagination. Now if I wanted to do that, I wouldn't be reading a novel, I'd be writing one.

Been eating a lot of taco bell lately. Finally found the ideal chalupa combination. It has to be baha steak. Not nacho, not supreme. No chicken or beef either! Will have to try their sides and desserts, to get the perfect proper meal combination.

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