Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What a day...

Ever sat in an exam, totally clueless?...Never had i ever, until was bad, because i had actually made an effort to study...but no, i could not get even one answer for sure, the result being, I was done guessing in about half an hour and then fell asleep. On a positive note, I wasn't alone, there were a lot of people almost as clueless...and if they weren't, it was because they had studied longer and harder, so i'm not that disappointed nor disheartened...come to think of it...i'm beyond that point...nothing disappoints me anymore...i'm not afraid of failure anymore...which is bad because i have stopped fighting it ...but i must...therefore i'd better end this post here and try and salvage what little is left of this semester. I have three assignments due for tomorrow and an exam the day after, and no it's not's 10:30 in the night already! ...and oh, I missed my work shift in the morning today, was supposed to report at 6:30, and thanks to the totally useless study session last night for the exam, I woke up at 7...yeah i missed sehri too...but fotunately i had had dinner twice the day before so i managed to go through the day without my stomach growling too much. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty useless day, but i better try and gain something from it by 'trying' to finish all the assignments for tomorrow...seems like a dream, wishful thinking perhaps...but i have friends...hehe...adios!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

where am i!!

this blog was not created to be neglected! ...but then everything in my life is being neglected at some point or the other, like for instance it's 3:33 am at this hour left for my scheduled sehri time, and i've been neglecting my homework for the past 3 hours or so...which is due 9:30 am ...i just hope i do not end up neglecting my class...haven't i used the word neglect and its derivatives a tad bit too many times? i making any sense whatsoever? anyhow, as i was saying...i finally got around to stop neglecting the pile of dirty laundry growing in the corner of my room, and the carpet that was fast disappearing under chocolate wrappers, more dirty laundry, books and what not, and the study table that had no place to study on wonder my studies were being neglected for so now i better get my act together...and reduce all this negligence creeping up in all areas of my neglected life...better start on my homework ...from the last time i mentioned the time..i've spent about 5 minutes on this time hopefully it'll be something better...more about my trip to minnesota maybe...and by then i might have been to cedar point in ohio ...HOPEFULLY well ..enough is enough ...i have to get some sleep too...

Monday, August 29, 2005


I think i'm going through a writer's that the right phrase even? wait i'm not a writer to begin with...i'm supposed to be the nerdy engineering student with a geeky look and the hottest technology...i guess i'm a wait...the pretender sounds better...i'm an evil genius...i can be what i what i want...the way i want...if only i could also make as much money as i wanted...i day...Inshallah!

Semester has started...have been promoted at work...i am now SENIOR lab assistant...lot more work for a measly raise...but i need stuff on my no complains...complaining only makes life miserable...all my roommates are back...and our favorite past-time is to sit and talk...waste a lot of is good!

Summer wasn't all bad...yeah had to wake up at 7:30 everyday for a thermodynamics class and the grades were miserable...but never had the time to get bored or complain. One night we 'borrowed' a couple of bikes and went cycling at midnight...all the way to Walmart...some 5 miles...going wrong way on the the time we got back it was 3 in the morning...but we still hadn't had enough so rode through a is a university tradition to do a fountain run, but i'm confident we were the first to ride bicycles through it at 3 in the morning! Went to Six Flags, fishing a couple of times, Chicago for food and Indian movies...towards the end volunteered for International student orientation, made some new friends...there were some 700 new international students from Aruba to Zimbabwe...mostly from India, Korea and China...yes life is GREAT!!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Monday, July 25, 2005

Bad hair...for life!

People complain about lack of hair, thinning hair , receding hairlines and bald spots. My complain? I have way too much hair and its so freaking thick. I was going for a mane, a short ponytail perhaps, but my hair is so thick it looked like an afro, without the curls. And it was always in my eyes. To be able to walk straight and go about my normal life without having to constantly brush it back with my fingers, i wore a cap almost perpetually. So then what was the point of having long hair with blonde streaks (yeah i spent quite a fortune on that part) if i could not show them off? So, I finally gave up on the ponytail idea and went for a haircut yesterday. I told her my dilemma and she proposed to not only shorten my hair but also reduce the thickness so i could manage it. I came back pretty much satisfied but after a couple of showers and staying in bed for most part of the day, i don't quite like it. Its still too thick and now that its short it remains standing, and not in the cool spikey sort of way, because its just too thick for that! Lets see when my patience runs out and i go again and get an ultra short haircut that doesn't need to be taken care of!


late? but i made it! how long will i last? outlast?