Friday, March 30, 2007

sigh... my last post was sometime in february...a month left for graduation, quit looking for jobs, awaiting replies from graduate schools...two to be exact...hoping to get into one...University of Houston...loved the city, its the closest an American city can get to Karachi!

I had sort of planned my last semester to have a light load, so I could take it easy, live it up and what not...little did i know i would be engaged and missing home terribly...killing time watching episode after episode of Stargate Atlantis in whatever free time I get, filled in with occasional bouts of something i'd rather not be mentioning here... tends to get boring, especially when you're looking forward to something in the near future...just cannot stop thinking about it...which makes the time go even slower...fortunately hi-speed internet has loads of time i'm surviving...

on the academic front...hardly a month away from being officially declared as an 'engineer', i feel ashamed to call myself one. I don't know, I may turn out to be of some use, but right now, I feel like a total dimwit. It doesn't help when friends have already landed jobs or been accepted to schools i don't even dream of...

on the bright side, spring is here...and every now and then, with the sun sneeking out and the fauna in full bloom, and not to forget the lovely ladies (yeah, yeah, I know I'm engaged) does get heart warmingly beautiful!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

back. yes I seem to have a bad habit of disappearing. what can i say, was back in pakistan for winter break and i got engaged! yes i am very happy for myself!but then i'm back in the freezer, and applying for grad school, which means atleast another year away from home and my fiancee, not too happy about that. I actually did pretty well last semester, my first ever semester honors...managed a 3.6! So now my hopes of getting into Grad school or somewhat higher. Or should i say chances. Now that i'm engaged and all, i don't really want to go to grad school. actually it's more like i want to be with her, and the lazy ass that i am, i don't have funding or job so i cannot bring her i want to get done with it all and go back! My applications await i better get going. Hopefully i'll have more time for this now, as i have way too much time to talk to myself and sulk these days!