Wednesday, February 21, 2007

back. yes I seem to have a bad habit of disappearing. what can i say, was back in pakistan for winter break and i got engaged! yes i am very happy for myself!but then i'm back in the freezer, and applying for grad school, which means atleast another year away from home and my fiancee, not too happy about that. I actually did pretty well last semester, my first ever semester honors...managed a 3.6! So now my hopes of getting into Grad school or somewhat higher. Or should i say chances. Now that i'm engaged and all, i don't really want to go to grad school. actually it's more like i want to be with her, and the lazy ass that i am, i don't have funding or job so i cannot bring her i want to get done with it all and go back! My applications await i better get going. Hopefully i'll have more time for this now, as i have way too much time to talk to myself and sulk these days!

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