Thursday, November 02, 2006


Whenever I start feeling good about myself, I come accross stuff that puts me down! There is so much talent out there. Meeting graduate students is inspirational to say the least. But it makes me feel like a dimwit!

Just spent the last two hours reading random blogs. A lot of emotional rambling, yeah some female writing about her friends and her life...interesting read, for a while.

I want to brag too. My life is super cool. Yet I'm always jealous of other people living it up. I'm sure they exaggerate on their blogs. People do in their real lives. I don't like it!

When people write about the best of times and the best of friends and the unforgettable moments, do they really feel all that? Am I an emotionless rock? Are my expectations to high. Or maybe I just don't know how to appreciate life.

When people write about how miserable their lives are, reading about it sends a chill down your spine. Is it really that bad? Am I heartless? Haven't I ever experienced a heart break?

I have travelled a lot, 4 continents, 8 countries, countless cities. I should write a travelogue. But my memory doesn't serve me well.

I know hundreds of people in tons of places. I remember their names and faces. But that's about all. I can't quote, I can't describe.

I've been to 2 pre-schools, 3 schools, and now university from where I am about to graduate. Fortunately I haven't transferred or switched majors. I've had great times. Some of my best times. But I can't put them in writing. I can't even talk about them. Spent countless nights listening to friends talking about their school life, the pranks, the crushes, the silly games, so on and so forth. I can't think of anything worth sharing.

I can go on and on writing about why I cannot write! I've already written a page. I'd make a good spin doctor!

publicity stunt...

so i found this site/forum or whatever you may call it, i'm not that tech savvy, and my vocab is limited. So yeah, back to the site, it collects bloggers from all over pakistan, and abroad (of pakistani origin) and puts an extract of the latest update, and list your blog on their directory of pakistani bloggers. Pretty neat. So i want to be on there. They want regular/active bloggers, with significant blogging over the past 2 months, so here i am, with a pointless post. But don't fret, i'll be back with more pointless rambling, without the ulterior motive! All i want is more traffic!