Saturday, August 26, 2006

back to school...

The tiny vacation, or should i call it a break, whizzed by. School has started, one week down already. After the lazy summer school, with some 8000 freshmen, and beautiful weather...the campus looks like a fish market...but i'm not complaining too much...atleast theres beauty to be appreciated :) ...back to the dorm...still setting up my's my final year, plan to make it grand...arranged for a microwave and fridge already, got a dvd player, but still no tv...i think i'll return the player and use my laptop...going to a water park tomorrow morning, which reminds me i better get some sleep...these dorm sponsored programs have to start early morning :S

Went to see 'Snakes on a Plane' last night...the crowd was great...the movie was funny, everyone should go see it, but leave the movie critic in you at home! I had a great time...don't want to spoil it for anyone.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

in memory of the missing post...

Last night, or should I say this morning...I wrote an insanely long post titled more randomness...and boy, was it random...but then the internet went bonkers, theres something wrong with the router and i was too lazy to go and fix, well the post was lost...

I updated the blog yesterday, new look, more links to some of my friends' works and some very interesting, memory rekindling, informative blogs...stuff i can spend hours i don't know if anyone actually goes through my blog or the links...but it's more for online desktop, my favorites folder...

I also updated the 'about' part ...with a new description for the blog...incase a chance visitor stumbles far it doesn't entirely hold true, but i'll make it a point to read it every now and then to remind me of the purpose of this blog and post appropriately. Not to mention i'll try and be more regular.

Monday, August 14, 2006


So, my two week vacation, boring as it may be, is going along pretty fast. I still haven't gotten down to taking the test for a driver's license. I'm crashing at a friend's place, who himself is in Manila...and his apartment mate, probably somewhere in Turkey. The point being, I have a two bedroom, fully furnished, (which for me means internet, cable and airconditioning) all to myself.

Read a Stephen King novel "The Long Walk" last couple of days, pretty disappointing at the ending...I like happy endings, detailed ones, this was just abrupt, sort of like a cliffhanger, leaving it all to the imagination. Now if I wanted to do that, I wouldn't be reading a novel, I'd be writing one.

Been eating a lot of taco bell lately. Finally found the ideal chalupa combination. It has to be baha steak. Not nacho, not supreme. No chicken or beef either! Will have to try their sides and desserts, to get the perfect proper meal combination.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

UK continuum...

So in my last post I was ranting about the desiness, ghetoness, misfitness of Southhall, the place not to be when you're belching out pound sterlings for a vacation. So anyways once I was done with the community obligations, I was invited to crash in my friend's dorm room at LSE.

Him being the hardworking, focused, motivated, career minded individual, smack in the middle of finals, in his final year, had warned me before hand "You could not have chosen a worse time!".

So anyways we watched some movie, I forget which...ah yes the Da Vinci code...i'm not a movie critic so don't expect a review. I think I enjoyed "John Tucker must die" more.

So anyways, this other friend in Manchester, another hard working studious guy, now in a PhD program, was all done with his as expected, I took a train next morning and was in Manchester. I'd rather live in Manchester than London, maybe another reason why of all the places in the states, I chose central Indiana. That's blog material, but on another post maybe.

So down in Manchester, or should i be saying up? I don't know, the only Geography I ever studied was Pakistan Studies...saw another couple of movies, MI3 and X-Men3...went to a posh indian restaurant, don't find too many of those...yes they're usually all expensive but rarely posh! Went to some club, no luck with girls...met up with another old school friend, made new ones. Good time!

So well Manchester covered, we decided to explore Scotland, so got on to a bus and off we went. Next stop Glasgow. Nice modern city and everything. But it was a Bank holiday, the cheap hostels were all packed. The guy at the reception told us to go sleep at the airport! Nay! we checked all the hotels nearby, except ofcourse a few that we were sure we couldn't afford! Ended up spending the night at the bus stop, or whatever remained of it after chilling at a sports bar till it closed. At the crack of dawn we were out again. Found a coffee shop, just the thing to keep us going...

In a couple of hours we were on a bus to Edinburgh. Now this place is definitely beautiful. Castles, hills, modern architecture ...classy! End of the day, back to Manchester!

So after some rest...forget how many days, the friend back in London was done with his exams off I went. Met up with more people, friends old and new. Went to Thorpe Park, roller coaster heaven. Played some cricket, ate some good desi food, chilled...good time!

And it was time to go back...back to Purdue for two months of intense summer school!

Friday, August 04, 2006

My spending spree...

Going back a little in time...when the lungs were healthy and fine!

Spring semester ended satisfactorily, pulled up a failing grade in one course and fell to B's and C's in the ones I was doing well...all to familiar. No regrets!

Was planning a trip to Canada for quite some time, got in touch with long lost friends, tried to gather some company, looked up airfare, visa procedure and all. One night my mom calls me up and tells me to try and go to London instead, Syedna was going to be there for his birthday, and my friends from Canada were planning to go as well. Long distance call, terminated. But the idea made through, spent the night collecting documents, sent in the Visa application the next morning, got it in four days and was on a flight a few days later to London! Spent the first week or so with the friends from Canada, attending Bohra community events and all and sightseeing, stayed at the desi-town Southhall. Now this place is as ghetto as it gets, desi style. There was a Gurdwara and gym style thingy for pehlwaans and not to mention a line of other desi shops. Actually, I hardly recall seeing any white people there. The railway station, no the tube didn't come this far, had Punjabi subtitles! (Can I use subtitles in this context? Who cares!). I think that's about enough for this post, I could go on rambling but should leave something for later!

the price of freedom...

Summer session is over, all done with exams, no more, no more! But it'll only last about 17 days or so. And what do I plan to do? I'd rather not plan. Plans have a knack of going haywire.

Had planned to go to Chicago for the weekend last week. Instead, I was in hospital with a chest tube shoved through my side, sucking air out. Why? Because my lung went kapish, well not totally, more like the air whizzed out. Doesn't it always? Well yes, but in my case, it didn't come out through the nose or mouth, but through a hole somewhere in my right lung. Now, the human body is not as porous...girls might complain all day about pores, but that's a different story. The point being, the leaked air trapped inside, compressed the lung, defined as a spontaneous pneumothorax, in layman's terms, a 'collapsed lung'.

This happened the second time in about just over a month! So, I am to rest, which means I cannot fly, cabin pressure and all that crap. There go my houston plans. Had bought a student discounted ticket, so the refund was less than the penalty and service charges.

The wretched run doesn't end yet. My apartment lease ends in a few days, so I mailed the dorm people to let me move in early. But no! I can't move in till four days after I have to move out of the apartment. And even then I have to pay every night till the contract for next semester kicks in. Thank God for friends, I have several places to crash. And crash I will till my contract starts. Not paying a bloody dime! Take that!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back again, just spent hours on the Karachi metblog. I am not the type of person to be looking back and 'missing' anything...I came up with the expression "Home is where the heart is, and I carry my heart with me" ...but then you do tend to lose your heart once in a while...though lately i've been losing my lung! Weird eh! So well it's been almost six months since my previous post, and I think I have accumulated a lot of material for some long posts. But it's 5.40 in the morning and it's final's week, better get my ass offline!