Friday, August 04, 2006

the price of freedom...

Summer session is over, all done with exams, no more, no more! But it'll only last about 17 days or so. And what do I plan to do? I'd rather not plan. Plans have a knack of going haywire.

Had planned to go to Chicago for the weekend last week. Instead, I was in hospital with a chest tube shoved through my side, sucking air out. Why? Because my lung went kapish, well not totally, more like the air whizzed out. Doesn't it always? Well yes, but in my case, it didn't come out through the nose or mouth, but through a hole somewhere in my right lung. Now, the human body is not as porous...girls might complain all day about pores, but that's a different story. The point being, the leaked air trapped inside, compressed the lung, defined as a spontaneous pneumothorax, in layman's terms, a 'collapsed lung'.

This happened the second time in about just over a month! So, I am to rest, which means I cannot fly, cabin pressure and all that crap. There go my houston plans. Had bought a student discounted ticket, so the refund was less than the penalty and service charges.

The wretched run doesn't end yet. My apartment lease ends in a few days, so I mailed the dorm people to let me move in early. But no! I can't move in till four days after I have to move out of the apartment. And even then I have to pay every night till the contract for next semester kicks in. Thank God for friends, I have several places to crash. And crash I will till my contract starts. Not paying a bloody dime! Take that!

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