Sunday, November 30, 2008

road trip 2!

So after driving around the midwest and east coast ...checking out Niagra falls, DC, Atlanta and Orlando, attending a cousin's convocation at John Hopkins (missed the ceremony but made it on time for the after party)...attending another cousin's high school graduation in Kentucky, and returning the car back in Indiana, flew to the west coast, San Jose, California! 
Staying with family friends went on another road trip in their van. This time we went to San Fransisco, Anaheim (Disney Land is in Anaheim, and not LA, so I can't claim I've been to LA, unless the other places we went to, were in LA, will have to make sure :P ), 
Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. What happens in Vegas, stays in there. Grand Canyon is an experience. Went on the Skywalk too. Nuff said! 
Back to San Jose, and then a flight to houston ...from where on and off to nearby cities in Texas.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the road trip ...

Backdated post ...June 2007

Who: Me, my parents, uncle and aunt (chacha, chachi).
The Car: Dodge Stratus
Driver: Me, for over 90% of the way!
The route: Indiana, Maryland, New York, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky. And back to Indiana.

There is so much catching up, that I don't feel like going into details right now!

greetings from Australia!!

Ok, so I disappeared for the longest time...over a year and a half. Thanks to google I still have access. Well, I graduated from Purdue, with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering BSIE degree. Can't really say with flying colors, because well the damage done in the first couple of years was irrepairable. Anyhow, my parents were around for the convocation, a grand ceremony it was. Went on a long road trip after that. Details in another post, coming soon hopefully. I'm addicted to facebook, and all the updates, photos, socializing etc. happens there. Hence the neglect. I have way too much time on my hands these days, so I'm taking up new hobbies and rekindling old ones. Will catch up to speed with life in current times, soon. Lots to write about. Will try and go chronologically. I guess I should back date these posts as well.
This one should have been around June 2007!