Monday, August 29, 2005


I think i'm going through a writer's that the right phrase even? wait i'm not a writer to begin with...i'm supposed to be the nerdy engineering student with a geeky look and the hottest technology...i guess i'm a wait...the pretender sounds better...i'm an evil genius...i can be what i what i want...the way i want...if only i could also make as much money as i wanted...i day...Inshallah!

Semester has started...have been promoted at work...i am now SENIOR lab assistant...lot more work for a measly raise...but i need stuff on my no complains...complaining only makes life miserable...all my roommates are back...and our favorite past-time is to sit and talk...waste a lot of is good!

Summer wasn't all bad...yeah had to wake up at 7:30 everyday for a thermodynamics class and the grades were miserable...but never had the time to get bored or complain. One night we 'borrowed' a couple of bikes and went cycling at midnight...all the way to Walmart...some 5 miles...going wrong way on the the time we got back it was 3 in the morning...but we still hadn't had enough so rode through a is a university tradition to do a fountain run, but i'm confident we were the first to ride bicycles through it at 3 in the morning! Went to Six Flags, fishing a couple of times, Chicago for food and Indian movies...towards the end volunteered for International student orientation, made some new friends...there were some 700 new international students from Aruba to Zimbabwe...mostly from India, Korea and China...yes life is GREAT!!

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