Wednesday, October 05, 2005

where am i!!

this blog was not created to be neglected! ...but then everything in my life is being neglected at some point or the other, like for instance it's 3:33 am at this hour left for my scheduled sehri time, and i've been neglecting my homework for the past 3 hours or so...which is due 9:30 am ...i just hope i do not end up neglecting my class...haven't i used the word neglect and its derivatives a tad bit too many times? i making any sense whatsoever? anyhow, as i was saying...i finally got around to stop neglecting the pile of dirty laundry growing in the corner of my room, and the carpet that was fast disappearing under chocolate wrappers, more dirty laundry, books and what not, and the study table that had no place to study on wonder my studies were being neglected for so now i better get my act together...and reduce all this negligence creeping up in all areas of my neglected life...better start on my homework ...from the last time i mentioned the time..i've spent about 5 minutes on this time hopefully it'll be something better...more about my trip to minnesota maybe...and by then i might have been to cedar point in ohio ...HOPEFULLY well ..enough is enough ...i have to get some sleep too...


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  2. dude. post something!