Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What a day...

Ever sat in an exam, totally clueless?...Never had i ever, until was bad, because i had actually made an effort to study...but no, i could not get even one answer for sure, the result being, I was done guessing in about half an hour and then fell asleep. On a positive note, I wasn't alone, there were a lot of people almost as clueless...and if they weren't, it was because they had studied longer and harder, so i'm not that disappointed nor disheartened...come to think of it...i'm beyond that point...nothing disappoints me anymore...i'm not afraid of failure anymore...which is bad because i have stopped fighting it ...but i must...therefore i'd better end this post here and try and salvage what little is left of this semester. I have three assignments due for tomorrow and an exam the day after, and no it's not's 10:30 in the night already! ...and oh, I missed my work shift in the morning today, was supposed to report at 6:30, and thanks to the totally useless study session last night for the exam, I woke up at 7...yeah i missed sehri too...but fotunately i had had dinner twice the day before so i managed to go through the day without my stomach growling too much. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty useless day, but i better try and gain something from it by 'trying' to finish all the assignments for tomorrow...seems like a dream, wishful thinking perhaps...but i have friends...hehe...adios!

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  1. a person dies when he/she stops struggling...dont give up fighting...we don't do anything else in life butfight