Saturday, January 21, 2006

so i've been gone a while...i just read that last post...thought i'd write a that a word? too lazy to check right yeah that exam i was talking about...till the end of the semester i was pretty much clueless in that course...but somehow i managed to pass it...heard they were easy on the people not in the same major...lucky me...but yeah, i managed to salvage the semester from that point on ...or should i say...lady luck decided to shine upon me yet again.
Went to karachi for the winter break, after a year and a half, and disappointingly got bored in only 20 days! i guess i've become accustomed to the torturous, monotonous, american university life. Missed the first week of classes, the second week went whizzing by, with late night work shifts and and organizing my new room. I love the new room at the dorm. Just hope i can keep it organized. Came back with a lot of resolutions, lets see how many i stick to. Will try and be more regular here...need to update the picture blog too ...and get down to some serious studying...i'm a junior now...halfway through ...time surely flies!!

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