Monday, July 25, 2005

Bad hair...for life!

People complain about lack of hair, thinning hair , receding hairlines and bald spots. My complain? I have way too much hair and its so freaking thick. I was going for a mane, a short ponytail perhaps, but my hair is so thick it looked like an afro, without the curls. And it was always in my eyes. To be able to walk straight and go about my normal life without having to constantly brush it back with my fingers, i wore a cap almost perpetually. So then what was the point of having long hair with blonde streaks (yeah i spent quite a fortune on that part) if i could not show them off? So, I finally gave up on the ponytail idea and went for a haircut yesterday. I told her my dilemma and she proposed to not only shorten my hair but also reduce the thickness so i could manage it. I came back pretty much satisfied but after a couple of showers and staying in bed for most part of the day, i don't quite like it. Its still too thick and now that its short it remains standing, and not in the cool spikey sort of way, because its just too thick for that! Lets see when my patience runs out and i go again and get an ultra short haircut that doesn't need to be taken care of!

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