Friday, February 27, 2009

Camping in Murramarang National Park...

This place is hard to edit with pictures ...while I'm writing I can't tell where the pictures will be positioned! One is the campsite with free roaming wallabies, and the other is jet skiing nearby. The wallabies were cute, furry and playful, and the jet skiing was an adrenalin rush totally worth the fortune we spent on it. Although my thighs hurt for the following two days! Right after jet skiing we went kayaking, which also was a great experience with the beautiful sights and sounds. However, the break in the middle of the lake with home made muffins and juice provided by the guide resulted in a (mis)adventure that made the trip unforgettable, more so for others, as I am pretty used to such antics myself. Thanks to the long day, and the juice, on the return trip from Kayaking, just after sunset, nature called with urgency, and I just could not continue pedaling, so I tried getting off the kayak to take a quick dip, but ended up capsizing. For me it was just another dip in the water, and boy was I relieved! But I got to hear a lot of lectures on the stupidity of the act and the dangers involved etc. etc. and all I had to say was that, when nature calls, Murtaza responds :P. Other highlights of the trip included several dips in the cold water at the beach, prawning in the lake at night with torch lights and cookouts. Also, not to be forgotten was the ride to and from in an 8 seater van singing and dancing on the way.

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