Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Many outside Australia, would wonder 'what is a Wollongong?', well I don't know what it is or means, but it is a name of a city! Spent a night there last weekend.
It reminded me of a relatively similar unknown city called West Lafayette in Indiana USA. The similarity, the main attraction of both towns is a major university. University of Wollongong and Purdue University. Wollongong took the cake however, thanks to the beautiful beaches, harbour and lighthouse! West Lafayette had a terribly long, harsh winter.
I was talking last night to a friend from Purdue, and mentioned how Wollongong reminded me of the days at Purdue, and he expressed his surprise over the fact that everyone he was in touch with from Purdue, had fond memories, even though it was a shitty city with an even shittier weather. And, we agreed that it was the surviving through all the shittiness that made it all memorable!

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