Friday, February 27, 2009

Things people notice and remember ...

In an attempt to rejuvenate this blog, I did a bit of marketing, as readership is an essential motivating factor for writing. Ofcourse that was not the intention when I first started it years ago.

On another blogging site that I started before this one I wrote, and I quote,

"...why am i here...coz i'm impressed by some of the serious bloggers...maybe someday...i'll make it big and these will make up my biography...i'm too modest to write it myself :P ...there goes my claim to modesty...i wonder if i'll be able to keep up with this...i'll try..."

Hehe, can't believe I just quoted myself, I'm flattering myself!

Anyhow, I have strayed off the topic, infact I never got to it!

The motivation for this post was that a very good friend visited the blog as a result of the aforementioned marketing and pointed out that there was no mention of the adventures we've had in the recent past. My excuse as usual, was that this blog has been neglected for quite a while and I'm still trying to catch up, to maintain some chronological order.

Coming to the exact reason for the topic, we had gone camping, I'll do a detailed post hopefully with pictures on that, but after about a month, as the trip randomly came up thanks to the conversation about the blog, he narrates the following story that I had no recollection of ...

On the said camping trip, we went kayaking in a river/lake, I have a terrible memory, that was quite close to the ocean and in time of flooding formed a connection that allowed mixing/exchange of water. So, the question came up, whether the lake was sweet water or salty, and instinctively I put my hand in the water and tasted some, and answered what I thought it tasted like. Again, thanks to the wonderful memory, I don't remember the answer. But, the point is, what to me was an instinctive reaction, soon forgotten could form such an impression on someone else is, I think, scary!

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