Wednesday, September 06, 2006

time flies by...

I love my life...I don't know if I just keep repeating that to make myself believe it, or my life really, truly is amazing. From one perspective, and relatively speaking, it is one hell of a life, or should I say 'heavenly' because I am about to thank God? A million thanks to God, when I look around I feel truly blessed.

Back to my usual blabbering, school is in full swing...losing track already. So the first weekend my dorm people had organized a trip to a water park. It was small for american standards, smaller than our very own Aladdin in karachi i thought. I was done trying most of the slides I was brave enough for, and spent a considerable time bobbing and fooling around in the wave pool, all in about 3-4 hours. Then I took it easy, my lung still recovering and anticipating a long weekend ahead.

My friends in Canada told me the night before that they were coming to the US for a short vacation! After hours of arguing, excuses and what not, it was decided they would pick me up from the water park which was about an hour from Chicago, driving all the way from Toronto, stopping at Windsor and Detroit. The plan was to spend the weekend in Chicago. So, with my horrendous road sense, and a visitors map we were off to chicago. After spending some time at Navy Pier and starving ourselves, made it to Devon just in time for dinner. Pakistani time ofcourse. Had a hearty meal of nihari, seekh fry and karahi and then spent the night at a motel in a ghetto suburb.

Next morning we were off to downtown hardly agreeing on what to do and what not to. Spent some time at the beach, walked around downtown, went to the Hancock observatory, (breathtaking view from the 96th floor), a visit to the millenium park, dinner at Chillis and off we were again. But the night was still young, so stopped at the Horseshoe Casino in Indiana. Due to some weird laws only the Hotel and parking lots were on land. The actual casino was on a ship, which is all pretty cool. But being in Indiana, and not being racist or anything the crowd and the staff were 'ghetto' to say the least. In anycase had a fun time winning and then losing all that I had won on some safe betting on Roulette. We left with a negligible negative balance, and in my case $2 positive balance, which I still think was a mistake on the part of the dealer :P

Made it back to campus at about 4 in the morning, slept a few hours at a friends apartment, showed my Canadian friends around campus and then bid them farewell just in time for my second class of the day. Slept through the first one. :D ...

This post is already about 2 weeks late...had another fun weekend, but that I guess should be another post. Should put up some pics too on the picture blog.

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