Friday, September 29, 2006

Bloody pneumo...

Left : "Righty! You alright bro?! I think I heard something pop..."
Right: "Uh, I'm not sure, I'm losing air...shit, theres a leak!"
Left: "Dude! You're shrinking! Do something, plug it!"
Right: "Hmm, I think I got it...shit, I can't take in air! Looks like the leaked air is trapped and pressing on to me...what am I gonna do, this it it! We're dead bro!"
Left: "I don't know about you, but I'm not done yet! Just hold on, I'll try and cover up for the both of us. Don't you dare give up on me! I mean it!"
Right: "I'll try, but I don't know how long I can hold on..."
Right: "Ow ow ...ouch!!"
Left: *puff puff* "you okay?"
Right: "Something's poking on to me...OUCH!!"
Left: "What is it? You're scaring me, I can't go on like this forever!"
Right: "I don't know, looks like a big ass needle...damn it's wide... and long...owww!...looks like a tube of some sort, I think we're at the hospital."
Left:"Yeah I've been getting some nice clean oxygen...what's that noise?"
Right: "Aaah...finally! I can feel the pressure lifting, I think its sucking out the air, phew!"
Left: "Thankgod! You alright now?"
Right:"Yeah, though the darn thing bruised me all over! And thankyou man, couldn't have done it without you..."
Left: "I did it for myself too...we're a team, a family! Though it's a good thing he doesn't smoke...there's no way I could have covered for the both of us covered in tar and nicotine!"
Right: "Yep, I would have had gone all the way too...alrighty then, back to business, take care!"

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