Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'm bored...

I could be studying, doing homework, out partying. But no, I'm sitting in my room, on a friday night waiting for something to happen. It just might, or I might just lie in bed thinking about totally random stuff, stuff that I may mention further down in this post, that I thought up last night. My mom thought I spent too much time thinking. Maybe she was right. I'd just sit there, lost, legs curled up, back arched, head buried in my knees. She'd ask me, what I was thinking, and I'd usually have no answer. Its not like it was something in particular, that I could just blurt out and be done with. I'd be planning my path to success, fame and fortune; or a bollywood style romance. Am I crazy?
So last night, I was thinking of something to write about, and pondering on the current situation my life was in. Taking the cliched analogy of life being a path littered with forks, crossroad, speed bumps and what not, and the even more cliched, stepping off the trodden path, I was trying to figure out where I stood at this point in time. I came to the conclusion, thinking in terms of the Interstate highway system, that I was on a long stretch without a destination or crossroad in sight. I could very well be on the tri state highway, without knowing my destination state. Enough rambling about the analogy, the point being I'm stuck here for atleast a year, and then I have no clue where life shall take me. The options are there, but none too promising or overlapping. Infact they're poles apart. The way I see it, I have 3 options. Work, Study, Go back!
Sounds easy enough. I don't have a job, the way my grades stand, studying further seems far fetched. That leaves going back. I don't want to just yet! Being optimistic, lets say I get my act together, round up a good resume, apply for grad school and get my grades up just in time for graduation. Then what? If I get a job and admission to grad school, what do I choose?
....this will have to end here, got caught up chatting on msn and the train of thought has derailed!

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