Monday, December 22, 2008

more catching up...

so my last post covered up to October 2007, continuing...

November - December 2007 :
Back in Karachi.
Busy with the wedding season.
Parents went for Hajj, tried getting used to dad's business, not very successful.
Single again.
Applying to study in Australia.
Changed passport and national identity card, to get my surname on record.
Heard from University of Houston that I got accepted with scholarship, resulting in in-state tuition fee. Had also been accepted to UNSW and had made up my mind to pursue Australia.
Forgot all about IELTS and didn't manage to get a date until january which meant I would not be able to go in March for the first semester.

January - May 2008:
Can't really recall anything exciting. Just waited and waited chilling out with friends. Had an interview for an internship with Clifton Cantonment Board that never really happened. Waited for 5 something hours, took a short typing test and was sent home. I had made up my mind I wasn't going to work there even if they did get back in touch but it never happened.
Also during this time I got in touch with Citizens Archive of Pakistan, set up by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, a superwoman, who was kind enough to have me volunteer for her amazing project.
There were a few teething issues and the volunteer internship didn't start till mid June. But I had something to look forward to along with the prospects of studying in Australia in the not too distant future.

June - July 2008:
The highlight for June was definitely the internship with CAP. Being a graduate and a techie, I was honored with the additional title of 'Admin'. I didn't really do any work related to the archiving or the oral history project, that most of the interns were working on during the summer. I set up the computers, and the network, helped set up the new office, taking inventory, did a bit of accounts, ran errands, made trips to the computer market for repairs, buying and selling hardware and software. And the best part, made a lot of friends mostly female :P. It was a bit of hard work getting up early morning and I was getting tired of it so was elated when I finally did get the visa. A bit of shopping, farewells and the likes, and I was off to Australia!

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