Saturday, December 20, 2008

roundup to catch up ...

So, I'm not getting motivated enough to write...and yet I want to get this up to date, alive and kicking and all that, so I think I'll go month by month and just list the major updates and get it done with.
May-June 2007:
Graduation and the road trips.

July-August 2007:
Back and forth between Indiana and Texas, moving all my stuff to Texas. Bought a car from a friend for 2 grand. Drove it all the way to Houston from Purdue. Hit (and definitely killed) a dog on the way. Scary experience. Was cruising with both feet off the pedals. Saw the dog but sort of froze, and probably for the better, because had i breaked or swerved left, may have caused a pile up, swerving right would have landed us in a ditch. Unfortunately for the dog we ran over it, and so did the car behind us. *Shudder*
Interviewed at a few places, including Subaru of Indiana. Another company close to Louisville, Kentucky called for an onsite interview and provided a hotel, so took the friend whose car I was going to buy and partied. By the time I got back to Purdue I had received the rejection :P

September-October 2007:
Ramazan in Houston, took the GRE for the third time, met the requirements for University of Houston, FINALLY, but too late for the fall semester. Got sick of sticking around, booked a ticket for Karachi. 2-3 days before leaving another Houston company called for an internship but I had made up my mind. Was missing someone a bit too much. So well a week after Eid, I was back in Karachi. Also, I now had my sights on Australia since my sis and bro in law had moved there.

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